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Welcome to New Max Health

This site will be updated as regularly as possible. Some of the information contained herein may be getting old but it is still in current use. This site is not maintained by anybody involved in the medical or fitness professions and you take any and all information from this site at your own risk.

There is much free information on this site but you will also come across items such as ebooks that will have to be paid for if you wish to use them.

Below is a menu of all items covered and by clicking on the links you will be taken to the page(s) with the information on the subject checked.

Acne Acupuncture Adrenal fatigue Allergies Anger management Anti-aging
Anxiety and Panic attacks Autism Baby Back pain Bad breath Bed-wetting
Birth control Breast cancer Breast feeding Cardio Celiac disease Chiropractic care
Chronic fatigue Colic Cosmetic dentistry Diet & dieting Health Food  
      Reiki Skin Care Yoga

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