pH Balance Your Way to Clear Skin


When we are first born, our bodies are in perfect balance. Everything on the inside and the outside of our bodies works in conjunction with each other. Over the course of time, however, impurities and imbalance enter into our lives in several different ways. One of the most notable ways that this imbalance occurs is through our eating and drinking habits. Of course, it also comes from living in a polluted environment, but whenever we ingest food and drink that takes us out of balance, it happens more quickly.Most of us are aware of the pH scale and the fact that it is a balanced system. If things are acidic, they are lacking in life, but if they are alkaline, they support life. However, what many people don’t realize is that we also have the same balance within our bodies. If we are leaning towards acidic because of the things that we eat and drink, our body will not support life well. This can show up in a number of different problems that include such things as disease and even skin conditions, such as acne. In order for us to get rid of this acne, we need to bring our bodies back into balance.

The way that we would do this is by eating and drinking alkaline foods and that will help to pull our body away from the acidic side of the scale. You can download a list of these different foods on the Internet; some will probably surprise you that they are alkaline. For example, lemons are extremely acidic but whenever we ingest them, they become alkaline. Knowing facts like this will help you to make smart food choices and to bring your body back into the balance that you need.

Of course, you cannot expect to make these changes overnight. But if you are consistent in your efforts, you will notice differences in your body, including your complexion. The real key is making sure that you stick with it long enough to recognize these differences. Because once you see the results, you will be sure to stick with it for a lifetime. Eating alkaline foods and drinking the proper drinks as a part of your life, and will surprise you with how quickly your skin will change.

Is Stress to Blame for Your Acne Problems?

Our bodies are amazing pieces of equipment and when you really think about it, they last without too much difficulty for the most part, for about 70 or 80 years. There are some times, however, when our bodies can give us a fit. If we are fortunate, this will come in something mild such as a skin problem and we can skip the other serious problems that could happen. Even so, a person with a skin problem, such as acne is not going to feel as though this problem is all that mild. In fact, acne is a very stressful situation that causes embarrassment and difficulties for many individuals.

Although acne tends to cause us stress to a certain extent, most people don’t realize that stress may cause acne as well. There are certain types of acne, which really get a lot worse whenever a person is under an extreme amount of stress. Even a slight change in circumstances that causes a person to be anxious may cause this acne to show up. There are also several other skin conditions, such as rosacea, which tend to get better and worse depending on our stress levels. That is why it is important for you to learn how to control your stress if you’re going to learn how to control your acne.

Most people are aware of the fact that eating a proper diet along with getting plenty of exercise and rest is going to do a lot to help you with your acne. There are also some other areas of your life that need to be looked at, however, in order for you to really get to the root of the problem. If your acne tends to get worse when you stress, you need to find a way to deal with that stress on a daily basis so that it does not show up as a skin condition.

There certainly are a lot of different ways that you can control your stress but one thing is going to need to be kept in mind. In order for you, to truly control your stress and stop your skin condition from flaring up, you’re going to need to put some work into it. You can do all of the meditating and stress-relieving exercises that are necessary, but unless you take the time to do them consistently, you will be less than happy with your efforts. Try to de-stress on a regular basis, and you will notice that your acne is not so bad.